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What about this fund raiser you speak of?

Quite simply we seek to obtain the funds to build tooling and set up a small to medium shop that would manufacture the Voxel Block.

What exactly does that mean?

We will be collecting funds via IndiGoGo and will use the funds to build these tools, and purchase a beginning stock of supplies to make Voxel Blocks from. Once this happens then those who donated will receive the blocks they donated enough for, after this the remaining blocks made will be available for sale. additionally We will be listing hand made blocks on Ebay to be sold off to help with adding to this pool of money to start will.

Wait, we get something for donating?

Yes you do. Again it is a simple mathmatical equation that gets us to what you get as a donar, Take input of x dollars (your donation) apply a cost per block for manufacture and shipping, and you get an amount of blocks you will have shipped to you.

OK, so how much will each block cost so I know how many I will be getting?

Each blocks cost to manufacture will be dependent on what direction we are able to go for manufacturing them, So the more money we have to start, the less each block will cost, and the more each person will get for each dollar they have donated. We did it this way to avoid failure for start up, as we have a flexible system that can work with in the means of a $1000 to get started, but can take advantage of say $10,000 $20,000 or even as much as $100,000 to get the best use per dollar out of any increment. We will put together a scale of the anticipated cost per block to manufacture them based on beginning funds, and you can track how much we have obtained in donations on the fundraiser's page. This should help to know just how many blocks you can hope to expect.

What if I decide I want more blocks and want to donate again? Will I have to pay shipping twice for the second donation's blocks to be shipped to me?

Only if you do not notify us of the second donation, before we ship them out. Since we will be pretty bleary eyed from working day and night to get your blocks out, sorting names to be sure we are not shipping two packages to one person from two donations will be beyond our limits, however we will check emails, so we can use any info you send us to sort through the donations and get a total from all of the donations you made, to make sure that the post office only gets one cut of your money :)

So we just get blocks then, more money means more blocks and that is it?

We will seek to come up with something special for those who really like our idea and donate more money for them, just check on the fundraiser page on IndiGoGo for details, though you can use our contact page to send us your ideas of special perks to offer too.